Record your music with a Covibes studio and producer

Our goal is to create communities around the world by helping creatives find their big break.

Verified studios and producers

No more worrying about scams. We verify every studio and producer on Covibes to create a safe and secure environment.

Payment transparency and protection

100% down payment is required. Once it is confirmed Covibes holds the money until your work is completed before it is released to the host.

Booking is as easy as a-b-c

We make it easy to book. Select desired date and time and a request will be sent to the host, once it is approved you can proceed to pay.

Free publishing and licensing

We assist you to license and publish contents on all streaming platforms at no extra cost.


More clients, more revenue

Through Covibes, hosts have access to thousands of high-quality and verified clients, and can manage online and in-store bookings effectively and effeciently.

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