Router/WiFi | Air Condition | Fire extinguisher | Parking Space | Restroom | Reception Room | Snacks/Drinks Shop

Main Equipments

Mixer Console | iMac PC | Combo (calsbro & Laney Active) | Power Generator | Microphones: Neuman, SM 58 Shure | Keyboard | Lead guiter | Bass Guiter | Drums Sets | Printer | Headphones


On entry: Kindly switch off or put mobile devices in silent mode. All phone calls must be taken outside the recording environment | All refreshment must be kept outside the control room with exception to twist cap drinks | ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED IN THE PREMISES | Please ask permission before using any studio equipment. You damage, you pay | Recording device are prohibited for use in the studio when tracking is in progress | We need at least a 24hrs notification if we must reschedule or cancel an appointment | Product will not be released to Client until full payment.

Past Clients

Jonassy | Apekeola | Beejay | Ayanlewa | Kayode | Hephzibah Enuope | and many more


Ayobo, Lagos.

Open Hours

Monday to Sunday: 24 hours